Drink Swoon, Not Sugar.

We created Swoon on a mission to take sugar out of society (our co-founder is a Type 1 Diabetic), so all Swoon products get their sweetness from monk fruit, making them naturally zero sugar.

So go on, have another!


Sugar is bad, but sweetness is great.

Meet Monkfruit, our not-so-secret ingredient that provides delicious, natural sweetness.

It's Healthy: This vine-ripened melon is packed with natural sweetness and antioxidants, without any sugar and calories.

It's Delicious: Monk Fruit also has zero aftertaste unlike other popular sweeteners like stevia and erythritol.

It's Natural: Our Monk Fruit is responsibly sourced and GMO Free.

  • The founders of the New York City based company were determined to make products that would not only deliver vitamins and lower risk of health problems, but ones that people would enjoy consuming.

  • We love the subtle sweetness and fruity notes of the pink lemonade, which we’ll credit to strawberry and raspberry juice concentrates in the mix

  • Swoon sells zero-sugar drinks without all those artificial sweeteners. These sweet teas, lemonades, and cocktail mixers provide healthy, tasty options for everyday sipping and special occasions.

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A Healthier Society Starts with a Healthier You

We’ve proud to partner with the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club to provide their Clubhouses and Food Pantries with Swoon to help reduce sugar consumption for today’s youth.

For every case of Swoon Lemonade sold online, we’ll donate one can to Madison Boys & Girls Club. By decreasing your own sugar intake, you’re helping someone else decrease theirs.


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